Favre Gets Wish: What Will The Headlines Say About His Legacy Now?

The drama of the Green Bay Brett Favre saga finally ended this morning as Favre was traded to the Jets. Rumors quickly circulated that Pennington would be released by the end of the day. Two quarterbacks may soon find themselves wanted by a franchise, but will Brett ultimately get what he wants and be happy? See book of mormon denver tickets here.

The Packers found themselves so close to going back to the Super Bowl. As much as the organization had geared itself to a season without Brett, it's difficult to imagine a team so close to glory willing to wait for a young quarterback to take them there then give a legend one more shot at bringing his beloved franchise another title. Is it fair to keep Rodgers waiting? Yes, as long as the player ahead of him gives them the best chance to win a title.

Brett felt so deeply hurt that the damage was beyond repair. What were the Packers thinking? If they didn't believe Brett was better than Aaron then he wasn't worth the 1st Round Pick they were demanding or even worth thinking about if he landed in Minnesota. If Brett was better than Aaron then why not start him?

In the present the change of scenery may seem welcomed by Favre, but what will the future hold for the future hall of famer? Favre left the cozy NFC for a Jets team that must navigate its way past the Steelers, Jags, Chargers, Patriots, and Colts. No title is ever certain but the AFC bids an even greater challenge for a player approaching 40, getting to know new teammates and a new playbook, and getting the timing down in the new offense.

What will Brett decide if he doesn't return to the Super Bowl or if the harsh New York critics turn the spotlight even brighter over his mistakes more so then the Green Bay media? Will Brett want to play next season or will the Favre Legacy seem less bright with a final year in New York as he prepares for Canton? There's no going back for Brett now.


Redskins Ink Mathis - The DC Sports Page

The Redskins signed Jerome Mathis Redskins Sign Mathis. The signing of Mathis could signal the end of the Rock era in the return game. Mathis provides a game breaking ability that Cartright lacks.

Although Rock may have held his own in the league from a statistical perspective, how many fans have grown tired of watching him return kicks. His average gains appear to be as a result of excellent coaching and blocking. In an area where special teams are supposed to be special, Cartright seems ordinary. Fans seem to have forgotten the likes of Mike Nelms, Darrel Green, and Brian Mitchell returning kicks. As soon as the ball hit their hands anything could happen. This is the role of a returner. More info:  phantom of the opera tickets pantages.

Rock was a free agent this offseason looking for an increase, but there were no other takers. Sometimes stats can be deceiving. This could be why most teams weren't interested in Rock. Most of the yardage seemed to be the cushion from the catch to the back of Cartright's own wall. How many times have fans seen a hole to run through only to watch Rock plow into the back of his own wall?

There have been gains and even touchdowns, but could these have been as a result of tremendous blocking? A returner only has a chance to make a difference and add value to a team a few times a game. That's why most teams have a game breaker that anytime they touch the ball is capable of going the distance.

Imagine a game breaker with great speed and the ball in his hands behind a wall of great blocking? It would be a welcomed change. There are many areas that could be upgraded on the team, but when you have an opportunity to upgrade at any position you do it. The easiest positions to usually make changes are in the return game and the punters/kickers.

The signing could also mean Thrash could be on the way out too. He was supplanted by Rock in the return game and saw limited action at wr. With the additional late round compensatory draft picks maybe the Skins could use one on a kicker/punter to improve field position even more in the kicking game. Gibbs like most was loathe to use a pick on a kicker, but how many games did Chip Lohmiller win for the Skins when he was drafted.

With a change in philosophy this offseason in spending, the special teams have an opportunity to be special again in the return game.

The DC Sports Page: Mock Draft: Tennessee Titans

To continue our own mock draft in Losenoidoomock, the Titans are on the clock with the 24th Pick in the draft.

Remember the Titans? "Everywhere we go...people wanna know...people wanna know...who we are...who we are...so we tell them ...so we tell them...We Are The Titans! We Are The Titans! The Mighty Mighty Titans!" This was a great seo marketing houston movie. Denzel Washington gave another fantastic performance. I'd almost buy the move if it wasn't on TNT, Premium Channels, ABC, and even scrolling through all channels one night I found it on the Disney Channel. He gave an equally great performance in The Hurricane.

It's now time for the Titans to make their pick and is there a more underrated and underappreciated coach in the NFL than Jeff Fisher? He'd improve the lowly Falcons if he was the head coach there and could even muster some wins with Stu, Q, BMT, The Sports Freak, and Bob on his roster.

Not too much praise was heaped upon the ole ball coach during stint in DC. After all, he did go five and eleven and although his offense scored big points in Osaka (pre-season game) it never transferred into wins in the standings like it did in college. He did simplify things and said football is about pitchin' and catchin'. Too bad for the Vince Young show that he doesn’t really have anyone to pitch or throw to in the offense. This will change with the drafting of Felix Jones.

Pick #24: Felix Jones, RB Arkansas

Some have Jones going to Dallas or slipping into the second round, but it's too much talent to pass for the Titans who need immediate help at the skill positions. WR is also a big need but with the position being more risky this year than usual, running backs seem a lot less risky in this year's draft. Infusing some speed to compliment White's running style should take some of the pressure off of Young with a good ground game.

The Seahawks are now on the clock with the 25th Pick in the draft.


The DC Sports Page: Redskins Draft Recap - part 1

The Redskins drafted three receivers on day one of the draft. Devin Thomas WR Michigan St, Fred Davis TE USC, and Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma were all drafted in the 2nd Round after the Skins traded down a round to obtain more picks.

The Redskins then addressed some other areas of concern by drafting Chad Rinehart OG Northern Iowa (3rd Rd), Justin Tryon CB Arizona St (4th Rd), Durant Brooks P Ga Tech (6th Rd), Kareem Moore S Nicholls St (6th Rd), Colt Brennan QB Hawaii (6th Rd), Rob Jackson DE Kansas St (7th Rd), & Christopher Horton S UCLA (7th Rd) were all day two draft choices some of which via trades with Atlanta and St. Louis to improve the quantity of picks or the position.

The Skins acquired the type of receiver they were looking for tickets to wicked nyc further down the draft at greater value. Devin Thomas the one year wonder from Michigan St. was regarded as the number one receiver on most rankings and Malcolm Kelly who was also listed as one of the top five receivers that fell back to the Skins in the second round. Kelly had even worked out for the Redskins.

Taking the highest rated players on the board is usually a good thing and any proven model of success that the Redskins adopt would normally be a good thing. Unfortunately for Redskins fans there's always an exception to the rule and in this case it's mostly common sense. The drafting of a TE when there are so many holes to fill on the roster seems almost ludicrous especially when there's already a pro-bowl TE on the roster that the team is heavily invested.

By going back just twenty years, how many TE's have been such a dominating presence are the main reason a team has won a title? I can think of only two such players: Mark Bavaro of the Giants and to a lesser degree Dwight Clark of the 49ers. Some might say Shockey or Gates, but I don't recall Gates bringing a title to SD and the Giants won without Shockey down the stretch of the season due to injury. Besides SD is Tomlinson's team not Gate's. So why draft Fred Davis in the 2nd Round if he's not better then Cooley? Even if TE is a key component in the West coast offense does anyone recall two top TE's on the same team?

The DC Sports Page: Redskins Draft Recap - part 2

The position itself should only be drafted this high when it's the last piece that's been missing to bring home a title. TE's are usually regarded higher than the punter and kicker when it comes to the draft, so why bring someone into camp if they can't even displace the current starter. They may be the best on the board, but when you consider the position itself common sense should dictate otherwise and just let it go. Someone else is getting a quality player, but the Redskins need starters. Drafting Fred Davis can be summed up by quoting Q as Stu, BMT, Q, & I had stopped for dinner at a chain establishment on the way to last year's keeper fantasy football league draft. Q ordered wings and when asked how they were he responded, "thoroughly unsatisfying." The same could be said for this pick in the eyes of many fans.

The drafting of two top wide receivers seems acceptable when you go with the best player available mentality (especially considering the Skins roster), but not coming away with a starter along the line or secondary in the second round seemed odd to say the least. The drafting of Thomas and Kelly all but spells the end for Thrash and just about every other receiver on the roster other than Moss Randel-El and Mathis. Likewise a few of the rookies can also return kicks which may spell the end of Rock's tenure with the Skins too.

Normally the drafting of punters and kickers is a bad thing unless it's the last ingredient for a championship, but 10 players on special teams are holding their own as a very good unit. The battle for field position has proven costly over the past few years and drafting the highest rated punter on most rankings should help change that situation as should improving the return game with rookies and free agent signings such as Mathis. See what is the wayback machine

Colt Brennan drew the ire of Jaws on ESPN. His mechanics and arm strength have come into question but as many have pointed out his best chance of surviving in the NFL is in a west coast offense.

It appears that there'll be plenty of competition at safety, but very little change may occur along the OL & DL where it's needed most. Kendell filled in adequately last year, but the team would have been better served if Kendell was relegated to a reserve role for quality depth. Alas no changes on the OL have occurred other than the improved health of Jansen and Thomas.

Hopefully the Redskins will be very active over the next week in signing UFA's.