To continue our own mock draft in Losenoidoomock, the Titans are on the clock with the 24th Pick in the draft.

Remember the Titans? "Everywhere we go...people wanna know...people wanna know...who we are...who we we tell them we tell them...We Are The Titans! We Are The Titans! The Mighty Mighty Titans!" This was a great seo marketing houston movie. Denzel Washington gave another fantastic performance. I'd almost buy the move if it wasn't on TNT, Premium Channels, ABC, and even scrolling through all channels one night I found it on the Disney Channel. He gave an equally great performance in The Hurricane.

It's now time for the Titans to make their pick and is there a more underrated and underappreciated coach in the NFL than Jeff Fisher? He'd improve the lowly Falcons if he was the head coach there and could even muster some wins with Stu, Q, BMT, The Sports Freak, and Bob on his roster.

Not too much praise was heaped upon the ole ball coach during stint in DC. After all, he did go five and eleven and although his offense scored big points in Osaka (pre-season game) it never transferred into wins in the standings like it did in college. He did simplify things and said football is about pitchin' and catchin'. Too bad for the Vince Young show that he doesn’t really have anyone to pitch or throw to in the offense. This will change with the drafting of Felix Jones.

Pick #24: Felix Jones, RB Arkansas

Some have Jones going to Dallas or slipping into the second round, but it's too much talent to pass for the Titans who need immediate help at the skill positions. WR is also a big need but with the position being more risky this year than usual, running backs seem a lot less risky in this year's draft. Infusing some speed to compliment White's running style should take some of the pressure off of Young with a good ground game.

The Seahawks are now on the clock with the 25th Pick in the draft.